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Thank you to my Blossom families for being such a blessing to me and to my Blossom babies!
SGCA Blossom Sage Chase N My Dream, aka Chase
2009-2010 #1 International Ragdoll Alter of TICA
Seal Point Bi-Color - Show Alter Boy
from QGC Echoglen Oliver Sage of Blossom
and SGC Rags2riches Ms Buttercup of Blossom

January 01, 2009

Hi Dana

Words can not begin to express my sincerest thanks for entrusting me
with one of your amazing babies.  I did a lot of research and searching
for the perfect Ragdoll breeder and found Blossom Ragdolls.  
From the first moment that we first talked, I knew that not only were
you THE BREEDER for me, I also knew that I had just began a wonderful new lifelong friendship with you.  Chase came to me back in May of
2008., and I waited with such anticipation for his arrival.  I don't know who was more excited, you or I.  The big day finally arrived and it was love
at first sight.  Chase is such a sweet amazing boy.  I fall in love with him more and more everyday.  He is this way because of the love and
dedication you have for all your babies.

I first started showing Chase in August of 2008 and Dana you have been there every step of the way for Chase and I.  You are never to busy to
answer any questions or concerns I have when it comes to the showing aspect of our beautiful Blossom Sage Chase N My Dream.  I am so
proud of Chase and I know that you as just as proud of both of us. Blossom Ragdolls is a dream cattery.  I can't wait for the addition of my
second show alter from you, my wonderful friend.  One day I will surprise you and attend a Texas show with our Chase so that we can spend
the weekend together. Thank you again Dana for allowing my this precious boy and for our very special friendship.

Love Dana and Chase
Referrals from Our Blossom Families
Littermates by
RW SGC Harlequindolls Rocket of Katydolls
and CH Blossom Sunflower Sugar Cookie

Blossom Out Of This World, aka Mars
Seal Point Bi-Color Breeder Boy  (right)
Blossom Mimosa, aka Mimi
Seal Point Tortie Bi-Color Show/Breeder Girl  (left)

January 01, 2009


As a fellow Ragdoll breeder I'd just like to say how much I love my Blossom babies, and from the moment they arrived I knew how much love and
attention they'd gotten from you.  They are the sweetest little boy and girl and everything I had hoped they'd be.  They are truly "blossoming" into
magnificent cats!  You are absolutely wonderful to work with and I look forward to sharing Blossom grandbaby pictures with you
and continuing our wonderful friendship.

Raggymay Ragdolls
Blossom American Symphony Sage, aka Piper
Seal Point Bi-Color - Show Alter Boy
by QGC Echoglen Oliver Sage of Blossom
and TGC Rags2riches Daisy Sashay of Blossom

January 07, 2009

Dearest Dana,

It has been exactly one year since Lee and I boarded an airplane
to begin our Blossom journey; and oh, what a journey it has been.
From the moment we first discovered your website, we knew that
we were going to become part of a very special family.

Your honesty, integrity, expertise, and friendship have meant the
world to us. Knowing that we can just pick up the telephone at any
time and ask you a question, or just continue a conversation that we
started months before, is a cherished facet of our relationship.
Your willingness to remain a responsible breeder even after your
babies are placed in their new homes is to be commended. It is a rare trait.

Our Blossom American Symphony Sage (Piper), is truly the boy we expected him to be. Because he was named in celebration of all the First
Responders who lost their lives on September 11, we had hoped that his personality would be a reflection of gentleness and love. Piper has
fulfilled those expectations and more. He has grown into a beautiful, big, handsome boy. If you look into his eyes, you see the morst gorgeous
blue-eyed expression; similar to the gorgeous blue sky we had on September 11. When he looks at you, you know that he is saying "I love you".
And with that look comes a spontaneous purr. He loves to be cuddled and touched. His fur is like silk and he is just a gorgeous boy. He is sweet,
kind, and loving.

You should be very proud of the kittens that you bless every new home with. They are truly a reflection of you and your philosophy of breeding.
Blossom Ragdolls is Dana Pendergraph; and Dana Pendergraph is Blossom Ragdolls. One does not exist without the other. You walk hand in
hand, and it is the most perfect of rainbows.

Wishing you and Jack a most blessed, happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. Thank you for your friendship.

Lee and Donna Lagomarsino
Blossom Honey Boy Oliver Sage
Blue Point Bi-Color - Show Quality Boy Pet
by QGC Echoglen Oliver Sage of Blossom
and CH Blossom Honeysuckle Rose

October 19, 2009

Hi Dana

About Blossom Ragdolls,  I researched Breeders from all over the country and was delighted to find that the very best was right in my
home state of Texas, Dana Pendergraph.  My beautiful Blue Bi-color boy was chosen and each week I received photos and updates on
my little kitten's development.  I eagerly waited for my weekly update.  I cannot impress enough on future Ragdoll owners, how important the
relationship is between the breeder and the buyer.  No question was too trivial and her expertise was invaluable to me.  As my little
Oliver Sage Jr. grew, his personality matched my own.  I am just so amazed.  I have never had a kitten or a cat that is so loving and
interactive and I am just so taken back.  

What a joy it was to finally meet Dana and all the "girls" not to mention the amazing "boys."   Each one so magnificent and they all gave me a
glimpse of what my little Oliver will grow up to be.   He is now home and I cannot tell you how sweet and amazing this little fellow is.  Our
journey is just beginning but this is a companion for life.  I thank Dana for her wonderful Ragdolls and her dedication to this fantastic breed.
I hope all that read this will be blessed with one of her kittens and the pleasure of meeting the lady herself.

Trish Levine
GP Blossom Oliver Thyme Gray, aka Oliver
2010-2011 #1 CFA Ragdoll Premier
Blue Point Bi-Color - Show Alter Boy
from RW QGC Echoglen Hero Thyme of Blossom
and Blossom Oohlala Daisy Cherie

February 19, 2010

Hi Dana,  

I just wanted to write you tell you how much I love my new boy.  He is such a loving and beautiful boy.  I couldn't have asked for a more special
kitten ever.  As you know, I have two other ragdolls (that I love very much) from another breeder but they are not like my boy from you.  He is by far
my favorite, just don't tell the rest of my clan.  Oliver loves to fetch and is so silly and I love the fact that he loves everyone and doesn't hide from
people.  When I took him to his first vet appointment my vet wanted to listen to his heart and she almost couldn't hear it because he wouldn't stop
purring.  He has blended into our family as if he was always here.  I highly recommend you as a breeder and I feel that you have become a special
friend as well.  I appreciate all the time and tips you have given me in helping me show my new boy.  Your honesty, friendship, & love for the breed
goes beyond what I ever expected.  

Thank you so much!
Deb Gray
Blossom Thyme for Raine, aka Raine
Blue Point Bi-Color - Show Quality Boy Pet
from RW QGC Echoglen Hero Thyme of Blossom
and RW TGC Blossom Wisteria Whiskers

May 11, 2010

Dear Dana,

You will recall that my journey to Blossom Ragdolls began with great
sadness at the loss of my precious 10-yr old companion to HCM.  
My heart was broken, and I knew the only “band-aid” would be if I could
look forward to a new “Ragdoll baby” to love.  Because of my prayers
God led me to your website, and I looked no further.  You called me five
minutes after I emailed you because you understood my heart.  We felt
an immediate connection (from above), and you began to make it possible
for me to indeed have my new “baby”.  Your commitment to us blessed us.

The root of your integrity and honesty is evident (1 Cor. 10:31), and Steve and I share
your passion and love for this amazing breed (Ragdolls have held a special place in our
hearts and home for 20+ yrs).  Because of your commitment to the health and well-being
of your Blossom Ragdolls, I have peace that I will not lose my Blossom boy to HCM.  
Your sensitivity to my concern was so greatly appreciated, and your dedication to
responsible breeding is proof of your love for others.

Raine is home with us now, already following me around and “talking” to me.  He has a loud,
happy “purr” and is full of life, yet wants sweet, quiet cuddle time as well.  I am so in love
with his precious face!

...asasasasdd (..ooops….Raine’s contribution. He just woke up from his nap on my lap)

I look forward to keeping in touch and bragging about him as he grows.

Thank you, and God bless!                                                                                                                                               Click these pictures for larger view
Claudia and Steve
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Blossom Isabelle
Seal Point Bi-Color - Show Quality Female Pet
from QGC Echoglen Oliver Sage of Blossom
and Catbirddolls Fancy Bluebonnet

August 23, 2010

Hi Dana!  

Hope all is great with you.  Had to update you and let you know
Isabelle is doing wonderful and has really made herself at home.  
Goodness, she is just the cutest thing!  And such a sweetheart.  
We are loving her so much and she is really happy.

Wendy and family

Blossom Gumbo
...a sweet, creative name as he is born on Mardi Gras "Fat Tuesday"
Seal Mitted with a Blaze
from RW QGC Echoglen Hero Thyme of Blossom
and SGC Blossom Scarlet Sage Melody

May 17, 2010

Dear Dana,

Wanted to let you know Gumbo is doing beautifully.  He is best
buddies with our dogs and is very spoiled as you can see with Bella's
blanket.  He follows us to each of the girls rooms at night to say
prayers and put them to bed.  It is so sweet.  He acts like he has been
with us forever.  Such a good boy and so loved.

Wanted to also thank you so much for sending us updates from the day
he was born until we received him.  We were so impressed by your cattery
and the way you raised the kittens.  

We feel so blessed to have Gumbo and to have gotten to know you.

Hope you are doing well.

Take care,
Blossom Philippe
Cream Point Mitted Boy - Show Quality Pet with hourglass blaze
from RW QGC Echoglen Hero Thyme of Blossom
and RW SGC Blossom Chanson Du Rosemary

August 28, 2010

Hello Dana,

Philippe and Winston play all day.  Dustin is so in love with Philippe that he took one week
of leave just to make sure the little guy didn't stay home without us. (I think he's trying to
make Philippe love him more than me)  :-)   He's doing great.  Super happy and running around
all day.   He is also purring like crazy every time we pick him up or give him kisses.   He sleeps
all night and he's eating like a big boy.   I love love love love him.   I can't wait to get home from
work just to spend time with my little guy.   Here's a picture I took of my boys playing when
I woke up this morning.

Have a blessed day... Once again thank you for the most loving kitten in the world.  ;-)

Las Vegas, Nevada
Blossom Percy
Blue Point BiColor - Show Quality Boy Pet
from QGC Echoglen Oliver Sage of Blossom
and Rags2riches Annabel Rose of Blossom

January 4, 2011

Hi Dana,

Presenting Paul and Percy Zaidins.  We have not been in touch for quite a while
and we wanted you to know what a wonderful, handsome cat Percy has become
since we picked him up on Mother's Day 2007.  We had this portrait done of Paul
and Percy at
Munson-Cox in Arlington, Texas.  Boy loves his cat!

Sharon Zaidins
Blossom Ida Claire Kittie Pie
Blue Point BiColor - Show Quality Female Pet
from RW QGC Echoglen Hero Thyme of Blossom
       Precious Emme and Ida Clair
and RW TGC Blossom Ms Wisteria Whiskers
 Ida Claire In The Baby Swing

May 08, 2011                                                                        

Making the decision to get a Ragdoll kitten was easy.  Determining how I would
make this happen was the question.  I was fortunate to find Blossom Ragdolls
in Wylie, Texas.  I first met Dana at her home and was pleased to walk into a
professional environment where I could tell her priority was the well being of her
kitties.  Her home was a clean, cage-free, cat smell-free home, with numerous
accommodations to give her kitties safety, cleanliness and love.  I felt very
comfortable placing a deposit then and there for a kitten for my four year old daughter.  
I knew there would be a wait as the kitten had not even been conceived at that point,
but I was willing to wait in order to get a healthy, loving kitten for my daughter, knowing
she would become her best friend in a matter of moments once they met.  Later, she
notified me that my kitten had been conceived.  She updated me every step of the way.  
She was fair and honored every commitment she made.  We picked up our little girl
11 weeks after she was born and were thrilled to find a healthy, beautiful, loving,
sweet little bundle to take home with us.  Dana helped me get the proper food to ensure
a smooth transition to a new home, and it has been just that.  Our little Blossom girl
came home with a beautiful coat, no fleas, no flea eggs, actually, she was, and is,
immaculate.  She smelled wonderful and I can honestly say that for the first time in
my life, I did not have to walk into my home and walk straight to the sink to bathe my
new kitten before setting her on the ground.  There was no need to, she was,  and is,

My daughter is in love and I would not change one thing about my experience.  

Thank you, Dana.  You made a little girl happy beyond measure!

Jeana Herndon, MA, NCC, LPC
Owner of A Safe Place to Heal
McKinney, Texas
Blossom Effie
Seal Point BiColor - Show Quality Female Pet
from RW QGC Echoglen Hero Thyme of Blossom                                                          
 See Effie Fetching!
and CH Blossom Sunflower Sugar Cookie

August 8, 2011

If you are searching for the best breeder,  you've found her!   When I moved to Texas for college,
leaving the cat I rescued as a little girl was one of the hardest things I had to do.   I wanted to bring
her with me but, she was very old and wouldn't be able to handle the move.  After graduating,
getting married, and buying our first house, the timing was finally right for my husband and I to get
a cat of our own.   We decided to get a Ragdoll because it was important to us to have a cat with a
sweet, loving, and playful personality.   I started researching every breeder across the state
(and even a few in Oklahoma) and after reading hundreds of reviews, referrals and articles,
I came across a TICA article about Dana.   I visited her website and when I saw the pictures of her
cattery I knew I had found the one.   She has a beautiful home that is impeccably clean and
never overcrowded.   When I called her to find out how much a kitten would cost I was heartbroken
to find out we couldn't afford one, but I knew I had found the right breeder and I didn't want a kitten
from anyone else but her.   We saved our money for a year and finally we were able to purchase a
healthy, beautiful and perfect little kitten.   We're so happy we met Dana - she has been such a blessing!

Christina & Kelly
Dallas, Texas
Blossom Piper
Blue Point BiColor - Show Quality Female Pet
from IW SGC Keepurrs Love Me Linden of Blossom
and RW TGC Blossom Wisteria Whiskers

July 23, 2012

Hi Dana!

Here is a recent picture of our beautiful girl, Piper.  She is hanging out
where she sits every morning and evening as we get ready.
I've always loved cats and had cats my my entire life, but I've never
had a cat anywhere as amazing as she.  Her personality is so laid back,
gentle, and sweet, yet playful, and fun!  I don't even know how to put
words to how wonderful she is!

Piper adjusted beautifully to our two dogs.  She and out min-pin will
spend ours playing, rolling, chasing, playing hide and seek (one will hide
under furniture or behind a door then jump out as the other passes
by then off they go!).  Those two will even grab opposite ends of a toy
and play tug of war. :)  On the other hand she is really good with our
older Pekingese.  She is always gentle with him and will curl up beside
him in his bed resting her head on his side and sometimes even giving him a bath.  It's very sweet.   

She spends her days playing or hanging out with whoever is around at the time.  She spends her evenings curled up with either the dogs my husband and
myself, or my daughter.  Piper knows no stranger and happily meets our guest at the door just like our dogs.  Everyone that meets her instantly falls in
love with her!

Thank you Dana for trusting our family with her.  She is such a cherished part of our family!

Sincerely - Tammy, Jarred, Paige & Drew Garner
Dallas, Texas

PS.  Look at how beautiful she is!  <3
Blossom Patches
Seal Point BiColor - Beautiful Male Pet
from IW SGC Keepurrs Love Me Linden of Blossom                                                        
and SGC Blossom Scarlet Sage Melody

November 2, 2012

Dear Dana,

I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you so much for giving us the best kitty in the world.  He is the sweetest cat I have ever had and so
beautiful!  Even my vet was amazed at how beautiful and sweet natured he is.  Patches is so even tempered and patient with our youngest son, he
even sleeps with him after being chased around the house all day.

We couldn’t have made a better decision than buying a Ragdoll from Blossom Ragdolls!  He is well mannered and beautiful and fits into our family

Thank you,

Hollee Mills
Dallas, Texas
Blossom Russell
Blue Point BiColor - Show Quality Male Pet
from IW SGC Keepurrs Love Me Linden of Blossom
and RW SGC Blossom Chanson du Rosemary

February 1, 2013

Dear Dana,

I couldn't possibly describe how much I love Russell.  He is absolutely perfect.  
He follows me around everywhere I go.  If I take 5 steps to the right, so does
he.  He loves sitting by me while I study and greets me at the door each time I
come home.  I usually wake up to the sound of his loud purr every morning
because he lays on top of my chest or curls up in my arms while I sleep.  He is
always with me, and I honestly couldn't imagine life without him anymore.

Everyone who has met Russell is infatuated with him.  That includes Georgie!  
Russell and I will often visit my parents (where Georgie lives).  They have
become best friends - Georgie protects and cares for him like a big brother, and
they both love each other so much.  We have had so much fun watching them play
and cuddle together.  I've attached some pictures, as well as some of Russell
and Georgie together.

I cannot thank you enough for Russell.  You raise such beautiful, loving cats.  
My family is so lucky to have two of your gorgeous Ragdoll cats.

Again, thank you for such a lovely new family member.  I look forward to talking
with you soon!

Mary Kate
Dallas, Texas
Blue Point Mitted - Beautiful Male Show Quality Pet
from QGC Echoglen Oliver Sage of
and CH Blossom Camilla Kiss Love Song

March 4, 2013

Hello Dear Dana,

It has been just over two weeks since I brought home
beautiful Cheddar.  It seemed so long to wait after I made
the decision and commitment to get my “first ever” kitten.
I could never have imagined how laid back, relaxed,
and comfortable he is with his new surroundings.   
It feels like he has been a part of my life much longer than
he actually has.  It is obvious to me how much time,
energy, and most of all “LOVE” you contribute to your
new kittens, as well as, the adult “babies” in your home.

Thank you for giving me a glimpse into your Cat Show
world and teaching me so many things that helped me
prepare for Blossom Cheddar Biscuit.  Everyone who has
seen Cheddar is amazed at his temperament and his

As I have already told you, I believe this new journey was
“meant to be”, which means I believe God intended for you
and me to meet at this time in our lives and for me to
experience this luscious, wonderful baby boy –
Blossom Cheddar Biscuit.

Much Love and Friendship,
Charlotte Newman
Blossom Lateeda
Blossom Cotton

Blue Point Mitted - Two Show Quality
Female Pets
from RW QGC Echoglen Hero Thyme of
and RW SGC Blossom Chanson du Rosemary

August 24, 2013

Dear Dana,

Happy anniversary, angel girl...
and to your hubby too.

We are very proud of all your
accomplishments, and keep up with your
travels and accomplishments via the
website.  I have attached a photo of the girls
at the window of our library.  They watch the
birds and butterflies outside while I am here
at my computer.   

We love our girls and are very grateful to you.

Happy anniversary, Blossom Ragdolls!

Hugs and blessings,
Dr Georgeanne and the Two Davids
Blossom Floopi &
Blossom Milli
Blue Point BiColor Sisters
from QGC Echoglen Oliver Sage of Blossom                                                   
and TGC Elonadolls Oribella of Blossom

December 10, 2013

When I began a search for a new kitten, I was not sure what breed I was looking for. I previously had a Persian for 18 years.  I researched different
breeds and decided that a Ragdoll would be perfect for my next family member.  I looked for reputable breeders in Texas and came across Blossom
Ragdolls.  In the meantime, I decided that I wanted 2 kittens.  Dana was quick to return my call and answer my many questions.  I instantly felt
comfortable with Dana & Blossom Ragdolls. There were not kittens available at the time, so I jumped on the waiting list.

My "baby girls" were born on July 19th and I melted at the sight of the first photo!  They are so beautiful!  Dana sent me regular photos, videos and
updates of my sweet little furballs of their first 12 weeks.  I was a little nervous about having two of them and had lots of questions for Dana.  She was
and still is always very informative and helpful!  I love sending her pictures of them as their colors are coming in and how much fun they are.

Floopi & Milli are now 22 weeks old and become more irresistible every day!  It only took a few days for them to act like they were at "home" with me.  
They are VERY busy and playful and absolutely in love with each other.  Getting 2 was absolutely the BEST decision!  The girls are sisters and are the
best of friends.  They follow me from room to room and have recently started sleeping on the bed and laying on the couch with me.  Their purrs are
such sweet songs and they love endless kisses.  They play with anything and everything and are so funny.  Being at home is always entertaining and
full of laughs!  I literally cannot stop taking pictures - they are always doing something cute!!!

Thank you Dana/Blossom Ragdolls for these precious angels! - We will keep the pictures coming :)

Jennifer, Floopi & Milli
-Lubbock, Texas
Blossom Brody
Seal Point Mitted - Beautiful Male Show Quality Pet
from QGC Echoglen Oliver Sage of Blossom                                                         
and CH Blossom Camilla Kiss Love Song

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hey Dana!

Mr. Brody is a little over 1 year old now and
I thought you might like an update on him!

He has really started to develop his unique
personality. He's as tall as our 20lb cat, and
as fluffy as they come :) He's a hit with all our
visitors and people just can't get over how
gorgeous he is.

He's the most stubborn cat I've ever seen! But I
think that could be due in part to me letting him
get away with a little too much when he was little!
But he's just as cuddly as they come and always
greets us in the morning with a nice neck massage.
He gets along well with the other cats. He's going
through his "teenage" phase where he's trying to
establish his place in the pecking order, so there is
some play fighting going on! He's slowly climbing
up the ladder... I think he's in #3 position, with our
other two larger boys still in spots 1 and 2.

He has had absolutely no health problems. His shots were successful and were done without a hitch.

Weird things he does: he doesn't just turn his head around to the side to look at things. Instead, he looks up and back with his chin to the ceiling. We
call it his "Stevie Wonder" move. He has also learned to spin on command and to give high fives. He also loves to play with feather toys and likes to
jump for them. We have this cat tunnel that we found out he likes to jump into when you're holding it in the air. It's one of his favorite games!

He also loves to go on car rides with us to get breakfast on the weekends. Although, he's terrified of the "magical voices" that come out of the
speaker box and he growls when he hears them! HAHA! But when the voice is gone, he's back up on the seat looking out the window and curiously
watching everything.

Attached  are some more recent pictures for your enjoyment. He really brings a new dimension to our family, and we love him dearly!  I wish I had
more ragdolls!!!  But we are waiting until the inevitable happens, and our older cats pass before we add to the family.  I hope you are still breeding
when that time comes, because Brody was the best investment I've made!

Liz Adkins
Blossom Ivy - left in photo
Blue Point Tortie BiColor
Blossom Bella - right in photo
Blue Point BiColor
2 Beautiful Female Show Quality Pets
from QGC Echoglen Oliver Sage of Blossom                                                         
and CH Blossom Azalea Joy

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dana -

Happy March :)

We hope this finds you well!  We wanted to send a quick email and let you know that the girls are doing fabulous!!!
We couldn't be happier to have them in our lives and are so thankful that you entrusted us to be part of your extended family.

All the best -

Pam, Pete, Redman, Lucy, Pai, Bella & Ivy
Blossom Chloe
Blue Point BiColor - Beautiful Show Quality Pet Female
from LA SGC Keepurrs Love Me Linden of Blossom                                                        
and RW TGC Blossom Wisteria Whiskers

Friday, May 23, 2014

Dearest Dana,

A hope-ignited with a crossed path on your website, and after careful research, this fulfills my dream
that I carried.  Only exception, I never thought I could have a kitty as delightful as Chloe - from
Whiskers and Linden, my Blossom Ragdoll!

Chloe is a miraculous addition to my life!  She was born on the next day after I joined the waiting list,
and I do not take this for granted, but indeed, as a blessing from God.  Of equal importance, Dana
perfected this experience through extremely hard work, genuine caring, and hearted loving.  Chloe is
a rare gift, and Dana wrapped her up for me to open - and this is exactly the same feeling you are
going to experience.

One click on Blossom website, you can immediately tell that Dana is a very detailed breeder
organizing basically all critical information on it.  On a daily basis, Dana takes extraordinary efforts
maintaining the house to ensure an outstanding place for the kitten to embrace.  Dana patiently
distributes pictures and videos to the new families, weekly, before kitten arrive home!  This
impressively eased the pain while I was missing her.

Finally, Dana is more than a successful breeder.  Get a chance to know her, you will find her to be a
mentor and precious friend.

As Chloe is still new to our home, I have no doubt that she will bring more joy and love to my life.

Thank you Dana!


Sarah & Chris
Blossom Violet
Blue Point Tortie BiColor - Female
Show Quality Pet
Blossom Lambaeu
Blue Point Mitted - Male
Show Quality Pet
from LA IW Keepurrs Love Me Linden of Blossom
and RW SGC Blossom Chanson du Rosemary

Friday, January 9, 2015

Dear Dana,

Lambaeu and Violet were real troopers in 2014.  They tolerated the long drive from the bottom of Texas to Michigan without much trouble.  They
also received a new housemate friend-a puppy.  I bought a therapy collie, so I could do hospice work with him.  The cats and he are still separated,
overall the cats still have the run of the house, and we are VERY slowly putting them together.  Violet can lay belly up within three feet of the dog
while he is on a leash.  She has become my very brave girl.

Violet has also become more trusting and therefore loving with our family.  She is the one who follows me around the house while I am doing my
work.  She is a deva and our family princess!  Lambau, remains so funny and sweet.  He is the perfect match for my son.

We love our dear Ragdolls, and just wanted you to know we are taking good care of them here up North.

I hope you have a great New Year, and I look forward to the day you have kittens again in your home.  Please give a special kiss to our cat's sister
and Ma Ma.

Hope you enjoy the photos.   They are such beauties!!!!!

Thank you again for our babies.

Blossom Rascal Purriwinkle
Blue Point Mitted - Show Quality Neutered Pet Male Kitten                      
from DGC Marlcreek Tony Thyme of Blossom                                              
and Marlcreek Trixy Trillium
DOB:  04/29/2017

Amazing repeat Blossom family.  This is their 2nd Blossom Ragdoll.
See their 1st Blossom Ragdoll in referrals below at May 8. 2011

October 24, 2017

Having a Blossom Ragdoll is a truly magical experience. My 11-year old daughter is creating
amazing memories of her childhood every single day with her adorable kitten, Blossom
Rascal Purriwinkle. Their adventures include: pushing him in the pet stroller, taking him to
the park for a community picnic where he stole everyone’s heart, eating on the patio at
Chick-fil-A while watching the birds fly overhead, visiting with friends after school
at pick up, meeting the carhops at Sonic and cruising through the Starbucks drive-through
where the baristas all know him by name.

From the moment she broke down in tears upon seeing him, they have had a special bond.
It is one of pure love. He doesn’t just give love to my daughter, he gives love and comfort
to my patients as well.  I am a therapist and the owner of A Safe Place to Heal. I work with
people who have experienced difficult relationships, abuse, trauma, betrayal and loss. They
often suffer from anxiety and depression on a daily basis. I screen my clients to see who is
allergic to cats and if it is an allergy free patient day, you can bet that he goes to work with
me and comforts each and every client who walks through the door. He eagerly lies beside
them on the couch, purring loudly throughout their session. He instinctively knows to sit by
the patient. He knows to offer them comfort with his affection and snuggles. I have actually
had clients tell me that their anxiety diminishes significantly when they sit next to him and
feel his love and hear him purr. They are able to talk about their problems while gently
rubbing his belly and it brings them a great deal of comfort while allowing me to process
through emotions with them that might otherwise be hidden beneath the anxiety that he

Blossom Rascal Purriwinkle is a remarkable kitten. He has been in his furever home for just
under three months and in that time, he has touched so many lives. I am so grateful that I’m
able to give this gift to my daughter. To show her unconditional love, affection, and trust
through loving this precious kitten. Having the responsibility of taking care of all of his
needs has helped her grow as an individual. She attends to his feedings like clockwork and
dotes on him every chance she gets. She has been told countless times how amazing he is
and she can see the disbelief in peoples eyes as they encounter him and his docile, content,
affectionate nature. People are not used to meeting a cat who will cuddle right up to them
and purr in their arms. He does. I firmly believe that he would not be as trusting, loving and
affectionate if he were not raised those first few weeks by Dana Pendergraph. She knows
the importance of teaching kittens to trust. Even the best ragdoll can have trust issues if he
is not given unconditional love, kindness, and human touch from the beginning.

I know that when I get a Blossom Ragdoll, that kitten will have never known anything on this
earth other than pure love and gentle touch. That kitten will know affection, kindness, and
consistency. That kitten will automatically trust. That is what you get when you get a
Blossom Ragdoll because that is what she gives to each and every one of the kittens she
cares for from the time they are born.

Jeana & Emme
Blossom Trixys Angel of Classicdoll, aka ANGEL
Blue Point  - Show Breeder Female
from DGC Marlcreek Tony Thyme of Blossom
and Marlcreek Trixy Trillium
DOB - 04/17/2018

Dear Dana,

I wanted to thank you for your Blossom Angel!!! She is not an ordinary Ragdoll kitten. She is a very special, very blessed Ragdoll Kitten. We love her very
much; she took a place in our hearts... Angel has the loving, cuddly and playful personality, she always wants to be in the middle of everything and
follows us all over the house. She brought a lot of joy to our family! Angel is everything we could have hoped in a cat!

From the moment I started my conversations with Dana, I knew that both of us are not only passionate about Ragdolls, but we both are sisters in Christ.
And that is what also makes our relationship so special. Dana is a great person with a baggage of knowledge. She agreed to mentor me and I am very
thankful to her! She is always there to help, she knows what she is doing and I could not imagine myself as a beginning breeder without her!

God Bless you, Dana!!!

Victoria Kostenko
ClaasicDoll Ragdolls
North Port, Florida
Blossom Ollivander
Blue Color Point - Show Quality Neutered Pet Male Kitten  
Blossom Parker
Seal BiColor - Show Quality Neutered Pet Male Kitten  

Sent from family & posted on March 7, 2020

Also belonging to this family is below....  Blossom Brody

We are a three time returning Blossom family and got our latest two wonderful Ragdolls from Dana. All of our dolls are in perfect health due to Blossom's
impeccable breeding program. I now have my wish: A house full of ragdolls! It always amazes me the little quirks cats get even if they come from the
same lines. Their personalities are as different as people in some ways.

Parker is our seal bicolor born July 2018. Parker loves feather toys and kicker toys. One of his cute quirks is throwing toys in the air when he plays. He
especially loves doing this to his trout. He will throw it in the air with his mouth and catch it with his paws! He does this with his hard food also before he
eats it lol. He also does this cute thing with his paws where he gets up on his hind legs and waves his paws over his head. He's also a talker and has the
sweetest singing meows. Evidently Parker was a little bit of an outcast in his litter, but all he needed was some space of his own to flourish!

Ollivander is our blue point born April 2018. Ollivander is "my" cat. His personality is so funny I could write a mini novel about his antics. When Dana sent
me a video and pictures for us to pick from the litter, I said "I want the one that rolled off the scratching post." I knew exactly what I was getting myself
into lol. This cat loves water. His favorite activities are making a mess with his water fountains and he loves it when I fill the tub or sink up just a little for
him to splash in. He also is my shower buddy. He's definitely the most trouble of our crew right now, but I love every minute of it. He is the most friendly to
strangers and immediately gets in my/your/stranger's business. He is a true puppy cat and follows me everywhere. He gets very upset when I'm in the
shower and mews and checks on me. He also demands we make the ceiling fan move anytime we are in the living room. I have no idea why he is
obsessed with it.

Get a precious kitten from Dana, and you will not be disappointed!

Liz Adkins
Blossom Makana
Blue Point BiColor  - Show Quality Neutered Male Kitten
from DGC Marlcreek Tony Thyme of Blossom
and Marlcreek Trixy Trillium of Blossom
DOB - 04/17/2018

Sent from family & posted on March 7, 2020

It's hard to believe it's been nearly two years since Blossom Ragdolls came into our lives! The last of our four cats was in the final stages of kidney
disease and our hearts were broken, but we knew two things: we wanted to bring more cats into our family and we wanted them to be ragdolls.
Our original search for a breeder was confined to catteries within a couple hours of our home in Indianapolis. As we searched, Blossom Ragdolls kept
coming up and before long, we found ourselves on your site. Honestly, you had us at "wonderfully pampered kitties with supreme grand champion
pedigrees," and as we read about you and looked at the photos of your beautiful cats, we knew we wanted a Blossom Ragdoll.

We were happy to discover you were accepting applications for a litter due within weeks, so we filled one out, hit send, and hoped we would be chosen.
You called the next morning and we had such a lovely conversation, confirming that we were meant to have one of your beautiful cats and beginning a
wonderful journey together. You also helped us feel comfortable with flying a kitten from Dallas to Indy (it was every bit as easy as you said it would be).

We were so excited to see Makana's litter born and watch them grow through all your photos, videos, and updates. After about a month, we got to
choose our baby and named him Makana. His first three months flew by and before we knew it, we were in Dallas picking him up. It was so amazing
meeting you and all of your gorgeous cats and we were thrilled to see the loving environment into which Makana was born. Truly a special day for us
and one we remember fondly!

Makana fit right into our family from day one and we've loved watching him grow from an adorable little kitten into a handsome cat. He has the most
gorgeous blue eyes and his beautiful coat is silky soft. Makana has the ragdoll personality in spades. He is very intelligent and curious, hardly ever
speaks, and is naturally floppy! He lays around the house with his belly up and often goes limp when we pick him up.

Makana loves to hang out with us and be right in the middle of the action. He often waits at the door for us and when we have visitors, he follows them
around the house like a puppy-he particularly likes to "supervise" repairmen. Makana loves to be cuddled and have his chin scratched and recently has
become addicted to watching bird and chipmunk videos on You Tube! He brings us so much joy every day.

Makana is Hawaiian for "gift". We chose his name well because Makana truly is a gift in our lives and thanks to him, we made a new friend for life in
you. Thank you for blessing our lives with a Blossom Ragdoll.

With much love,
John and Julia Mattern