Rags2riches Annabel Rose of Blossom

Annabel Rose

Seal Point Bi-Color
Sire:  TGC Chatandolls Jacque of Rags2riches
Dam:  Mourningdove Scarlet of Rags2riches
DOB: 04/06/05  
Annabel Rose is our very first breeding girl and is the queen of the house!  

Annabel is so, so special to us!  She is beautiful, affectionate and extraordinarily smart.  

On January 21, 2011, at her age of 5 years, Annabel was spayed.  She was spayed only
because she is 5 years old, and our girls are retired at the healthy, prime of their life.

Annabel is now our cherished family member!

Annabel was a phenomenal Mom and the kittens she had with our Oliver Sage are scrumptious,
and some of our best.  Some examples of the kittens from this breeding are:

* Our own amazing TICA Champion Sugar Cookie
*  The 4 amazing kittens with me on this page, below
* Rags2riches Amber Rose of Blossom

Annabel will remain with us, always... She is absolutely precious to us!

Scottie Cone, we can never thank you enough for this extraordinary girl.  She is our family!

Annabel Rose is tested HCM DNA negative by WSU
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