As an avid animal lover, they have always been first in my life.  

Through most of what you will read below, I have always had a Ragdoll cat since I've been 21 years old, now over
30 years with the breed as my pets!  This precious Ragdoll has been my constant companion in all that I've done!

I am now joyously giving back to this precious Ragdoll breed that has always done the giving to me.

Always "playing horses" from the tiny age of 2, at the age of 7 my Mom asked me,
"Would you like to take "A" riding lesson?" ...With an eager, "Sure!" ...I began my journey into horsemanship...  
After taking English riding lessons for about 8 years, I was then blessed to own my own horse as a teenager...   
Great big
"Thank You" goes to my precious Mom and Dad for my wonderful childhood with horses.

...and I now work hard to achieve my dreams.

I have had the honor of riding with many of Dallas' best and most famous Riding Instructors...
Barbara Lewis, JoAnn Evans, Colette Sossaman, Sue Ott, Vicki Maeckle, Col. Don Nance and the Dallas Dressage
legend, Major Charles T. Valko ...A former Hungarian Olympic Coach.  My thanks to all of my past coaches, who
have all, each in their own way, improved my riding.  You've all been so important and dear to me.  

I love this wonderful art of Dressage!  After riding for 20 years, and teaching riding as a free-agent all over
Dallas, my husband and I developed our own equestrian center, pictured above,
Pinnacle Equestrian Center.  We designed and managed this beautiful facility at the resort-like Cedar Creek Lake,
just south of Dallas.  With this equestrian center I offered everything from horse training to boarding, dressage
and jumping lessons, and even a 5 day/4 night Christian-based,
all-girl enrollment, equestrian camp! ...A fulfilling dream that I'll never forget!   

During our above Pinnacle Equestrian Center, in 2003, I finally got my long awaited dream horse for my Dressage
passions... Wobbe!   Wobbe arrived, a stunning champion-bred 3 year old sport-horse,
Friesian gelding, Imported from Germany just for me, by Jill Hegna of  
Royal Palm Friesians   
Me and Wobbe, above, in 2004 at the USDF Dallas Dressage Club’s Yellow Rose Festival Show at Las Colinas
Equestrian Center.  Picture credit to Frances Luse of  I trained this gorgeous
horse from "broke to get on" to 2nd Level Dressage and was the Dallas Dressage Club Sponsorship Chair.  I
achieved Dallas Dressage Club's Member of the Year in 2004.  

Our willingness and diligence to have God's Will in our lives
brings dreams beyond our own capacity or imagination.
Yes, and more blessings...

Consecutively with Pinnacle Equestrian Center... I owned and operated my treasured
Max-A-Million Carriages of Dallas, 1993 - 2007.  Thank you to my friend and mentor,
above, Charles Smith of Dallas Surrey, for all you did to help launch me into my own
carriage company!  I would not be here, with my successful businesses, without the
knowledge you passed on to me!  The carriage driving skill and business sense that
you taught me were the best in the business.  I promise to continue to make you proud.  
You are, indeed, one of my life's heroes!

After almost 15 years of our personally driving the Max-A-Million Carriages... on
Saturday, July 21, 2007, with our precious Percheron draft horse, Larry... Jack and I,
together, went to The West End of Dallas for our last evening to drive the Max-A-Million
Carriage.  We will continue to own the company but will now pass the management to
our valued friend and life-long horseman, Linda Baker.  Linda and her team of drivers
will operate the actual management & driving of Max-A-Million Carriages...
Max-A-Million Carriage will still offer carriages in Downtown Dallas, weddings all over
the Metroplex and at Christmas in Highland Park.  We are delighted to continue the
same Max-A-Million Carriage exquisite and caring customer service.  

Sunday, July 22, 2007, above, is our sweetest Larry at his new, beautiful home.  Larry will
always remain in our lives.  He is now living just South of Dallas.  Larry has worked the
commercial carriage for us for over a dozen years and he deserves to now relax at this
beautiful home.  We will see him often as he is adored and loved.  
Only the best for our amazing

Please click on pictures above for larger view....
Our precious Larry, above, is 19 years old in these pictures!  
Wow... He looks like a youngster!  We are happy to tell you
that he will always be loved and pampered.
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